Little Toadstool Home and Garden Set

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This sweet Little Toadstool Home and Garden Set is perfect for small world play.  It comes with the home and 2 flowers and 2 small toadstools, which are all removable, so there are no limits to what your child can create here.  The door on the Toadstool Home is high enough to fit Small Pixies and Tiny and Small Gnomes.  It is also very loved by the dogs and puppies.  They love using it as their own private toadstool kennel !


  • Approximately 14cm high feltedToadstool Home
  • Approximately 30cm wide felted mat
  • All materials are hand felted, Fair Trade from Nepal 
  • Handmade in my lounge room
  • Each item is handmade and can vary in shape and size

Pictured with:

  • Puppy
  • Pet bowl
  • Tiny Gnome
  • Small Gnome
  • Small Pixies
  • The above aren't included with the product.