Tiny Strawberry Home


The Strawberry home has a flower shaped, removable roof with 2 strawberry flowers sewn on to it. The door which opens and closes also has a strawberry flower sewn on. It makes a perfect guesthouse for one of the bigger Strawberry Homes.

The Tiny Homes are a wonderful resting place for the Tooth Fairy after it's long flight while carrying a gift in exchange for the tooth. The Tiny Gnomes let the Tooth Fairy know when there's a tooth to collect, cleaning the house and preparing a meal for her.


  • Approximately 12cm wide and 12cm high
  • Hand felted in Nepal in a Fair Trade environment
  • Each item is handmade and can vary in shape and size.

Pictured with:

  • Tiny Gnomes
  • Unicorn
  • Accessories pictured are not included with product.